Eames Molded Plywood Folding Screen

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In 1946, Charles and Ray developed the Eames Molded Plywood Folding Screen. Each screen has six flexible U-shaped panels connected with a durable polypropylene mesh to make folding and storage quick and easy.

The five-ply screen comes in three natural face veneers with a lightweight walnut inner ply. When fully extended, it stretches to a full five feet but can be easily closed and stored away when not in use.

Each undulating wave of molded plywood transforms the space it occupies, creating an arresting, sculptural backdrop to carve out a private nook in your space.

It stands alone to create standing or seated privacy and divisions within an environment while remaining portable and lightweight, making it ideal for guest privacy in open areas.

Charles & Ray Eames


A handful of Eames furniture designs, such as the Lounge Chair and Ottoman or the Molded Fiberglass Shell Side Chair, have become ubiquitous. Some are a staple in the interior design of airports around the world. Charles and Ray Eames spent forty years creating furniture in the realm of tables, lounges, chairs, room dividers, stools, and more for public and residential spaces.

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