Eames House Bird in Walnut

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Charles and Ray Eames collected numerous objects from their travels. The figure of a black wooden bird, an object of American folk art from the Appalachian Mountains, has stood in the center of their living room for over fifty years. The bird is also seen in many of the Eameses’ photographs as well as the still popular Wire Chair & Bird advertisement.

Based on the original artifact and in cooperation with the Eames Family, Vitra is proud to produce the Eames House Bird in Walnut for the Eames Office.

Charles & Ray Eames


Architecture served as an ideology for the Eameses during their decades together; the possibilities of structure and materials were prevalent in their toys, films, exhibition, and pieces of furniture. In the common sense of the term “architecture,” the Eames Office participated in residential and commercial building projects—most of which didn’t develop past the idea or model-building stage. The ideas that progressed further, such as the Eames House, have found a place in history books

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